Last updated: November 1, 2020

Phone: +34 604100862

Email: freetoursmarbella@gmail.com

Location: Parque de la Alameda, Marbella. España

Frequently Asqued Questions

There you go, these are some of the questions and answers that we communicate with greater continuity but if you have any other that you cannot find here, do not worry, we will assist you with all the pleasure in the contact form or at the number +34 6663010971

1.Is it the tour free?

If this is the really first time that you take a free walking tour, you need to know that nothing in this life is for free :) Sorry. The model of nowadays free walking tour is all over the world, it’s free of choosing how much to pay because the customer put the price. At the end of the activity we accept tips depending of how good was the tour but of course if you didn’t like it at all and the guide wasn’t good enough you can decide to not pay anything. So it will give you a waranty that you will get a good service.

2. Where do we have to be?

All our tours starts and finish in te same place:

- Parque de la Alameda, Marbella.

Right in front of the fountain of Virgen del Rocío

3. Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes please. Marbella it’s a very exclusive destination, we don’t have so many bookings specially during winter so we will recomend you to tell us at least the day and keep in contact so we can make sure we can give you the service.

4. Can I make a privte tour?

Yes of course! We love to make private tours, smaller is the group, better is the service. You just need to tell us when would you like to come with your family or friends and we will arrange the booking. This price has a fix price of 25€ per person.

5. Where will we go in the tapas tour?

Bars and restaurants of the tapas tour are secret :) We promess that you will not be suddenly in a uncomfortable place with uncomfortable people but because of professional reasons we not show information until the day of the activity.