Free Tour Old Town

free tour marbella

Project Details

  • Price : Free
  • Duration : 90min
  • Distance : 2,5km aprox.
  • Monuments : 11
  • Private tour : 25€ pp

Old Town Marbella

The original Marbella Center Free Tour route, with anecdotes that will surely make you smile. We will learn how Marbella, a town of 10 thousand inhabitants and mostly fishermen, became one of the most exclusive and famous destinations in the world.

It is a journey back in time that we will narrate legends from Roman times and religious customs with images embedded in the walls, to the comings and goings of celebrities and tourists from the 20th century to our days.

The most key and significant characters that today give name to the streets of the city such as Ricardo Soriano or Prince Alfonso Von Hohenlohe as well as other more controversial such as Jesus Gil and Julián Muñoz. The history of Marbella is one of the most interesting in our country with its dark side of corruption and shenanigans of the mayors, pink press, and dazzling luxury, we assure you that this cultural tour will not be indifferent to you.

The historic center of Marbella is small but very colorful, with its typical bougainvilleas and its white facades with blue pots, you will not be able to resist taking the odd photo. Through its winding and very narrow streets, typical of the old Arab medinas, you will find magical corners full of history of that most secret, ancient and unknown Marbella.